2015 NAUGHTY EDUCATION FEST - Exhibition raise 不太乖教育節徵展視覺

Naughty Education is a platform for activities that are a bit naughty and anarchistic. Looking at contemporary education we yearn for the growth of more possibilities. Because every person is unique and endowed with unlimited potential, we believe that education should not only be a search for standards or an exercise to find answers, but also a process to enrich ways of learning and to evaluate attitude. The naughty spirit attempts to come out of the framework of creative experience and self practice. This vibrant meeting welcomes all kinds of unforeseen professional roles and content to be presented, and at this moment this might become the world's most interesting education fair. 


Naughty Education is a movement started in Taiwan to encourage a diverse equal right exploration of values, planning to enlarge its sphere of influence gradually. Besides transmitting more interest and fascination that come to serve as personal stories of survival and strength, we invite everybody to join an omnipresent course on life, to enrich our understanding of equality and freedom together. If we are educators, creative entrepreneurs, dreamers or employees in any field, we can all surrender to our personal thrills and seek pleasure to our heart's content using the topic of education, and we will certainly derive a lot of positive energy from this.


Since the future is unknown to us, it makes no sense to use contemporary principles or principles from the past to anything in the future. This is why on the road to education we should continue to seek creative minds to gather excellent advice, to let thoughtful and brave minds deliver us fresh perspectives, to keep the spirit of naughty learning, exploring the unknown and to actively sketch our future